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Sun protection is one of the key tools for age management and healthy, hydrated, youthful skin!

As an esthetician, people are always coming to us at the Novita Spa and Medical Rejuvenation Clinic to “remove” hyper pigmentation and to improve deep set lines, wrinkles and loose sagging skin.

One of the major culprits to these manifestations is sun damage.


The most serious condition caused by sun damage is skin cancer.
May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month



This message is not just for women. This information is for everyone. From the time you are out in the sun as a toddler you must protect from the sun’s damage.

Sun damage is accumulative.
The sun is not the villain though.

The sun helps the body produce vitamin D which is so important for healthy bones, supports the health of the immune system, the brain, nervous system and much more.

I am not saying to stay out of the sun. But, just to practice safe sun!!

Living in Texas and warm climates, we are exposed to the sun longer during the year then other parts of the country. The sun is also more intense. Therefore, our temperatures are higher creating challenges for the skin. This means we have to be vigilant longer during the year.

It is important to apply sunscreen daily for your skin’s protection. If you are in the sun you must reapply sunscreen intermittently.

The SPF number is important to understand. SPF stands for the sun protection factor. The number associated with the SPF means how many minutes between re applying your sunscreen. Example SPF 50 means ever 50 minutes while in the sun you need to re apply your sunscreen.

Physical sunscreen ingredients such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are superior to chemical sunscreen ingredients. They have greater protection, are water resistant and are anti inflammatory. They also do not potentially irritate the skin as chemical ingredients can.

Clothing makes the man as they say! When outside in the warmer, sunny weather wear hats and SPF clothing for protection.

As you can see when the beautiful May spring – summer weather begins I always wear a hat and apply my Novita Spa Clinicals mineral SPF physical sunscreen protection.

It is not anti aging. We are all aging. It is about being the best you. Join us for a skin care consultation at the Novita Spa and Medical Rejuvenation Clinic. We will design a plan just for you!

Practice safe sun and enjoy these beautiful summer months!

Be blessed,


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