peels to ward off summer damage

To peel or not to peel? What is a peel? Are there different types of peels? What is the best peel to have and when?

Let’s cover the basics first. We are all made up of cells. Every small minute detail of us are made up of cells. The skin is no different. The top layer of the skin has cell turnover approximately every 27 days. The top layer of the skins surface is the Epidermal layer. The surface protective layer of the Epidermis is the Stratum Cornea.

If we took a microscopic shot of your Stratum Cornea it looks like brick and mortar with thousands of little holes, which are your pores. Through these holes comes a microscopic hair follicle that is rooted in a single sebaceous gland. The sebaceous gland produces sebum (oil). This oil will travel up to the pore and sit. If not removed by exfoliation it will clog the pore. Some produce more sebum than others based on your system’s pre-disposition.

The sebum (oil), dead skin cells and the debris (perspiration, etc.) of the day will mix together and  clog the pore. When this happens milia form (clogged pores or also known as white heads). This is also why we breakout. Breakouts are an inflammation of the follicular wall (ie. the pore).

Speaking of the pore, a blackhead is oxidized sebum sitting in the pore. It is imperative to exfoliate to remove this sebum from the pore. As we age, our pores tend to get larger because this sebum is pushing the pore open. When you consistently exfoliate it will clean out the pore and enable the pore to shrink.

Exfoliation is vital for the function of the skin for all skin types from 8-108! Not just to stave off breakouts, milia and blackheads but the health of the skin in general is predicated on the health of the pore.

There are two types of exfoliation. 1- Mechanical 2-Chemical. “Mechanical Exfoliation” is a tactile substance from jojoba beads to microdermabrasion crystals. You can feel them. They buff and polish the Stratum Cornea. Chemical Exfoliation are Fruit Acids and Enzymes. They “dissolve” the inter cellular glue; dead skin cells and other build up on the Stratum Cornea. In other words, they “Peel” away this build up.

So this brings us to “A Peel”. “A Peel” is a chemical exfoliation. There are  different substances used either in the fruit acid family and enzyme family. But, Glycolic Acid from sugar cane is the one most used because it has the smallest molecular size. Therefore, it has the greatest ability to dissolve the dead skins cells etc of the Stratum Cornea and pass through the Epidermis to the Dermal layers of the skin. It is also a great carrier of other ingredients and in lower concentrations is actually a humectant. Meaning it is also hydrating.

The most misleading aspect of the word “peel” is that it suggests that you will see shedding of the skin. Ie. peeling of the skin.

There is nothing good about assaulting the skin and causing it to shed. Sun burns and tanning beds for example are assaulting to the skin. They cause hyper pigmentation and pre-mature aging. This is what we are working to restore. You need to look for home care products and professional treatments that are progressive non aggressive.

Balance is what we must look for. A professional “peel” every now and then that is called a light peel is great, but it will not create great change to the skin. You need daily, gentle, balanced chemical exfoliation. It is like brushing your teeth AM- PM. Home care that gently chemically exfoliates the skin is vital for true results. Then go monthly or quarterly for your professional “peel”. Both together will create true results! You will see almost immediate results of improved tone, texture, color, plumpness, radiance and hydration to the skin. Chemical Exfoliation will also reduce milia and blackheads and work to minimize hyper-pigmentation.

The Novitá Spa Clinical Facial Essential System is the answer for your home care needs. Then monthly come to the Novitá Medical Rejuvenation Clinic-Spa for your Professional Paramedical facial, neck, chest and hand peel.

This Simple, Safe, Synergistic program will establish the beginning of true results!

Call us today for information on our Intro Revitalizing Facial Program. This is the place to begin for your skins “Fall Restoration”!!

Be blessed,


The 4th of July has come and gone and the lazy days of summer are here! With that you will need a few things in your beach bag, golf bag or …travel bag to create and or maintain a perfect palette. You will need The Novita Clinicals Summers Survival Kit for your Skin!


The Novita Clinicals Miracle Experience Kit makes a perfect travel kit. You can pop it into your travel bag for a day trip or a few weeks. It is the perfect travel companion. We all need to cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate and protect our skin. The  Novita Clinicals Facial Essential System will do just that. The Novita Clinical products are Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Gluten Free, Nut Free, Fragrance Free and Cruelty Free. They are FREE to simply be able to take care of all that your skins needs. From age management, acne, hyper-pigmentation to rosacea this “Simple, Safe and Synergistic System” works!

For Extra Hydration for the face I suggest Air Supply:The Novita Clinicals Oxygen-Super Hydrating-Vitamin C Serum and Ahh! Exhilaration: Aroma Sense Hydrating Spray. This is The Pure Energy Duo for all of summers assaults to the skin!!

Air Supply has a patented ingredient Revitalin which is a Bio-Swiss extract that adds greater oxygenation and respiration to the skins cellular structure. It  also has a high concentration of Hyaluronic Acid, one of natures most hydrating ingredients holding a 1,000 times its weight in water. It’s like a tall drink of water and a dive into a pool all together! Air Supply is super charged with vitamin anti-oxidants and amino acid peptides that build and protects the skins cellular structure.

Then spray on Ahh! Exhilaration and close your eyes. With the essential oil Lemon Grass you will feel like you are away at a tropical paradise. It not only creates a calming sense but super hydration for the skin and hair with hydrating ingredients and vitamin anti oxidants. It is fortified with Sodium NAPCA which is a powerful mineral that locks in and holds moisture to the skin and hair shaft.

Remember the Facial Essential System is for anyone from 8-108 who has skin. So the SSSK is for you and the whole family too!

Another thing to put into the Summer Survival Kit for your skin is the Novita Clinicals Mineral Cosmetics. They perform like a water resistant full spectrum sunscreen ……. but they give the appearance of natural make-up coverage. The “clear” is great for children and men too!! We have a very portable dispensing brush that makes application super easy for everyone. Great to just pop into those beach bags!

Enjoy the rest of the Summer! Talk to you again soon “At Back To School Time”

Be blessed and remember…wear a hat!


Get Ready For All That Summer Has In Store!

There are so may events that take place in June that create a wonderful season and many lasting and cherished memories! Weddings, Graduations, Father’s Day, the end of the school season (gifts for that special teacher) and of course, vacations!

Lucy at The America Doll Store 5th Ave, New York New York

Lucy at The America Doll Store 5th Ave, New York, New York

All of these events are photo op times including the new phenomenon, “selfies”. We need to get ready to be picture perfect for that special event and photo! Everyone, regardless of age, wants to look and be the best they possibly can be. It is very confusing as a consumer. You are bombarded with daily hype of the latest and the hottest product and ingredients.

Frannie and Gabby, users of Novita Clinicals!

Frannie and Gabby, users of Novita Clinicals!

Everyone (from 8-108 who has skin) needs to cleanse,  receive gentle and balanced mechanical and chemical exfoliation, hydration balance and sun protection for your skin. With the Novitá Facial Essential System it will “simply” do this.

This 3 Step AM/PM concept is as easy as 1-2-3. It is a “Simple, Safe and Synergisitc System”. It is for all skin types, all ages, and all ethnic skin tones. You will be so blessed with the results that it attains for your skin and your special event!

Have a wonderful June being part of the LOVE!

Be blessed,

“The Novitá Spa Team made my wedding week very memorable- to say the least. I will try to make this as brief as I can:-) I got married on April 11, 2014. The Tuesday of that week, I received a very bad wax job on my face from a salon in Dallas. I drove down to Georgetown (where my father lives) on Wednesday afternoon and it had progressively gotten worse.

I was devastated and as my Dad and I were sitting in his office, he suggested I call the Novitá Spa in downtown Georgetown- the last resort for me to get my face healed by Friday, my wedding day. I was in desperation and hoping Novitá would have the right remedy for my face. I have been to several dermatologists, spas, received different types of facials, peels, microderms…you name it, I probably have done it for my face… When I called, they were 30 minutes from closing but still had me come in. The moment I walked in the door, I received the 5 star treatment. I have never been so impressed with the service, knowledge and care Megan (the owner) and the Novitá team provided to me! After 3 days of extensive light treatments and facials, Megan made me the glowing bride I had always dreamed about being.

I feel so strongly about the ABC products (Novita Spa skin care line), that I have now bought the entire line and my face has never looked and felt better! Megan and Novitá team, I cannot thank you enough for the care and attention you gave to me over the week of my wedding. After receiving second degree burns on my face, your spa treatments prevented me from having future scarring and now my face looks like nothing ever happened to it. I am so grateful for the knowledge I gained and the exceptional service I received from each team member.

I now consider myself apart of the Novitá Spa family and cannot wait until my next visit. I am so excited to share the wonderful experience and service I received at Novitá to everyone I know! Thank you for making me feel and look so special on my wedding day. An unforgettable 3 days indeed…Much love to all of you at The Novitá Medical Spa. Cannot wait to see everyone again soon.” *

– Kristen Falatko


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Wilma & Ray Di Martino

I have always loved May. When I was a young girl, May was a time of enchantment and expectation. Spring is here. Beauty is blooming everywhere. May is full of beautiful occasions, the Kentucky Derby, Mother’s Day, and Prom!

All these occasions I cited above create wonderful memories of my mother, Wilma. She was a true beauty with great personal style. She loved to dress up for the “occasion”. She wore a hat like no one I knew! We never went to Kentucky for the Derby but my father created our own along with fancy hats (from Easter) to betting on the horses by drawing a name out of a hat and Mint Juleps! Virgin, of course.

After the long winter and April showers came beautiful budding spring flowers. At the school I went to, there was a May Day pageant honoring “The Blessed Mother Mary”. I couldn’t wait for the roses to bloom in my mother’s beautiful garden. I would wear them in my hair along with a special dress that my mother would sew. She was a very talented lady with the double S’s, Simplicity patterns and her Singer sewing machine!

Megan at Austin Fashion Week

Last Friday and Saturday nights, I attended Austin Fashion Week events. It brought back so many memories of all the designs my mother and I created together. She was a wiz at altering patterns. We would pore over the pattern books. We evolved from Simplicity to Butterick then to Vogue patterns! We would take a bodice from one, the skirt from another. Special buttons found in antique stores; the bolts of fabrics with their textures and designs were always an adventure we took together designing for all the proms and the “Ultimate Dress” the Wedding Dress!

I went to college for fashion merchandising. If I had known what I know now, Wilma and I could have started a design company. She would have been game!

After school I worked at Bloomies, NYC, in the buying office of cosmetics. Bye bye design company and hello “Beauty”.

As Mother’s Day approaches I think about my mother, Wilma, and all that she was. She was beautiful inside and out. She loved her husband and all her children. There were four of us. I realize in listening to my sister and my brothers that she had a special place for all of us. Now that is true beauty.

Happy Mother’s Day to all, Happy Spring! Happy Expectations! Summer is coming!

My love to all, be blessed!


Last weekend one of my dearest friends, Kathy Peters, who I met on the school bus 50 years ago when we were 13, came for a visit. Yes, I said 50 years ago! Now that’s a renewal!!

We went to Round Top, an internationally attended antique and flea market. We drove from Georgetown to Round Top through the beautiful back roads of Texas. The Texas wildflowers and famous bluebonnets were ablaze.

We had a blast! We were two peas in a pod just like years ago when we were planning our escapes from the nuns at the school we went to and our weekend plans with the boys! It was an all girls school!!

Kathy is an artist of unique jewelry and sculpture. She was searching for special pieces to create her art with. I was looking for unique finds to add for the Novitá Spa Boutique. I am calling it “Cactus Flower Trading” Past and Present Vintage Treasures. Kind of like us!

Being with a friend like Kathy is truly a renewal. A renewal of love, fun, and the understanding that there are possibilities of newness in life. The every day aspects of life tend to wear that joi de vive down. We must take care of ourselves and give ourselves that human exfoliation. Dissolve the build up of life with FUN and JOY!

What a blessing I was given to be with a true friend!

My love to you all.

Be blessed,

What does Re-Engineered mean?

It does not mean improved. How can you improve something that works? It simply means that at Novitá Clinicals we continue to strive for excellence!

As a company we have been striving for skin care performance excellence since 1992 when we launched our first clinical, result-oriented product line, Glycolique, an innovator in result-oriented, Glycolic Acid- Alpha Hydroxy Acid skin care.

In 1997 we re-engineered Glycolique and introduced Novitá Clinicals, taking the best of Glycolique and creating a broader, more scientifically advanced product line. Very ahead of its time!

Science, not fads, dictates the way we respond to product development as a company. For the last two years the Novitá Clinicals chemists have been diligently working to re-engineer the Novitá Facial and Body Essentials.

We are Industry Innovators, not Imitators.

The same simple, safe, synergistic system of products for all skin types and genders are NOW…FREE!!

  • Paraben Free
  • Laurel Sulfate Free
  • Gluten Free and
  • Nut Free.
  • They have always been and still are fragrance free and cruelty free!

During this re-engineering period we have not only changed several things but “added” many exciting scientific advances in skin care technology. Many anti-oxidant and botanical complexes as well as amino acid bio peptide complexes have been added throughout the Novitá Clinical Products to enhance their already amazing results!

Thank you so very much for your love and patronage during these many years. I look forward to continuing to assist you in growing your Esthetic Business with the very exciting Novitá Clinical Products. “SIMPLE, SAFE and SYNERGISTIC”.

Be Blessed,


We will be combining Novita Spa’s philosophy of Ultimate Pampering and Clinical Excellence with New U Plastic Surgery’s philosophy, that true beauty is achieved when you address the needs of the whole person through a unique beauty hybrid. That is why we will be offering you the most advanced facial rejuvenation and body contouring options coupled with a customized approach to weight loss, anti-aging and nutrition.

Dr. Daniel J. Leeman, MD, is the Medical Director of the Novita Medical Rejuvenation Clinic. Dr Leeman is double board certified with the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology/ Head and Neck Surgery. He is a Fellow with the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr Leeman will have Plastic Surgery Consultation appointments at the Novita Spa on the Square monthly. NewU Plastic Surgery’s practice is at St. David’s Hospital, Austin, Tx.

The Novita Spa Clinical Skin Care and Mineral Cosmetic products are the foundation to the facial and body care results each guest receives. The Novita Spa Clinicals were “Inspired by Nature, Developed by Science and Proven by Results” since 1997. During the last year Megan Di Martino has been working with her team of chemists re-engineering the Novita Spa Clinical products. These pharmaceutical-medical grade products are now paraben free, gluten free and laurel sulfate free. Many of the products have also been enhanced with supercharged peptide and anti-oxidant complexes. Working with Dr. Leeman, we will be adding NewU Medical Skin Care products that will enhance the already result-oriented Novita Spa Clinical products and Mineral Cosmetics.

Novita…New Birth, New Life…Always Something New! Truly Creating A NewU in Beauty. Beauty you can see, wellness you can feel!


Come see our spa on the square in Georgetown! The Novitá Spa on the Square & Medical Rejuvenation Clinic is located on 7th Street, directly across from the Courthouse. Contact us to schedule an appointment for a facial, massage, or try a coolsculpting session. Or, come by and pick up your Novitá Spa Clinical products.

our spa on the square

Yesterday at The Novita Spa a new guest was checking out and re-booking her next service. She made a comment that her husband would love a massage and a steam here! She then asked, “Do men come here?” As she asked that a man was being escorted to the reception desk by her nail technician. We all laughed because her question was answered.

If your Special Man in your life has not had a facial  it is time that he did!

Massage is a must to combat today’s fast-paced life style. It is not only relaxing but it will keep the machine in tune!

Remember we all have skin. A facial is not just girly and foo-foo. It is diagnostic, educational, and result-oriented for all your skin care needs. Men have rosacea, dry skin, acne, and a host of other skin conditions that our clinical estheticians can care for.

SPF is not just for women and children. It is vital for the protection of the skin from premature aging and skin cancer.

The Novita Spa Clinical products take care of daily skin care: cleansing, exfoliation, and hydration. We say the Facial Essential System is for anyone from 8-108 who has skin! He will receive the Facial Essential System in a try me kit after his facial. You can use it too!
It is great to come with your special man in your life for his first visit to the Novita Spa. He may be more comfortable, but you get a Spa Day too. Make it that Couples Retreat you have been meaning to do. Enjoy a steam, a glass of wine and your special time of treatments and relaxation together.

If not, we will take good care of your special gentleman from the moment he is greeted to the time he leaves the Novita Spa.

We look forward to serving you soon at The Novita Spa on the Square!

Happy Father’s Day!

Be blessed,