The summer season has begun and outdoor living is the hallmark of the season! The thought of it is delicious and wonderful but it can set up a battle for the skin that will be fought for a lifetime.

It is a yin and yang thing. We cannot live without the sun. Fact, Vitamin D deficiencies can cause brain fog and memory loss. The science is not out yet that Vitamin D deficiencies are caused by lack of sun. But, the science is out that skin cancer and premature aging of all areas of the body are intensified by sun damage, pollution, and other environmental stressors. What a bummer since we love to enjoy all that summer has to offer!

To assist and combat the negative, I have put together the Skin’s Summer Survival Kit to help us love and enjoy the summer with out the pain. The kit can be in your gym bag, golf bag, beach bag, baby bag, back pack, suitcase, flight carry on (you lucky dog)! As you can see it is for anyone at anytime.

In the SSSK you need:

  1. A Broad Spectrum UVA-UVB Sun Screen. Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide are the ingredients to look for. They are water resistant. Remember that SPF means Sun Protection Factor. The applicable SPF # means how many minutes between reapplication when outside in the sun. A pure Mineral Powder is a great UVA-UVB protector!
  2. A Hat! Sounds too easy but it’s true. The only challenge is that it needs a brim and the brim needs to be at least two inches around to protect properly. A light weight long sleeve shirt with a collar would be great too. This would protect your arms and the back of the neck!
  3. Drink Up! Not you favorite Pinot or Corona but 32 oz. of H20!! It doesn’t mean you have to have it all at once. Sip it all day. It will become addictive. A good addiction! It will give the the skin cells the hydration they need to combat dehydration which sets up many side effects, some of which are fine lines and wrinkles.
  4. Exfoliate Turn over a new leaf. Exfoliation is vital for the function of the skin. Cells turn over every 27 days. You do not want to continually build up layers upon layers of dead skin cells! They create dull, lifeless skin and clog your pores. A gentle water based moisturizer with Alpha and Beta Hydroxys as well as Hyaluronic Acid will gently dissolve these dead skin cells and add dramatic hydration to the skin.
  5. Anti Oxidants It means anti (against) oxidation (rust-breakdown) of your cellular structure. Oxidation means flat out aging of the skin.Vitamins A-C-D-E and CoQ 10 are but some anti-oxidant ingredients that build and protect your cellular structure.
  6. Sleeping Seven to Eight hours of sleep a night do not go into the SSSK but are a great “beauty” tool for anyone. It can be in a hammock or under an umbrella at the beach! Rest and sleep are a major part of your Skin’s Summer Survival Kit!

Enjoy the summer and everything about it!


May is a very special month to me. As a child going to Catholic school, May was the month honoring Mary the mother of Jesus, the Blessed Mother! There were many May Day celebrations, and I have always been one for festivities and new life. Put on a new dress and flowers in my hair and I am there!!

It is the month my first child was born. It was almost 43 years ago, but in so many ways it seems like yesterday.

Every May I have this sense of newness. It may be the fact that it is the beginning of Spring and Summer is on the horizon with Memorial Day. To me it is better then New Year’s Eve.

I love summer. I grew up in Long Island near the beach. I spent many days, from the time I was a small child through high school, at the beach.

May is also Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Not only did I spend time at the beach, but I am from the era of baby oil and reflectors. The tanner the better was the motto!

As a working aesthetician, I see many people who have also spent too much time in the sun. They are not happy with the hyper pigmentation (age spots) they see in the mirror let alone the wrinkles. Skin cancer is serious and not fun.

The greatest gift you could give yourself today, and every day, is to use a physical sunscreen. It will not only help prevent skin cancer, but it is one of the most important age management ingredients you can use!

Till next time.

Be blessed,


Take That Masque Off Enzyme MaskI know we don’t remember when we were born but we have all seen a baby’s skin. We’ve heard smooth as a baby’s butt! Where did that smooth, soft, unmarked skin go? Again, it is a complex answer. The short answer is life happened!

The first part of the answer to understand is that we are all cells and we have cell turn over every 27-30 days. As a baby it was much more rapid. If we do not “remove” these dead skin cells they just build up and build up. Creating over time dull lifeless skin.

The skin is made up of many layers. The top layer is the Epidermis. Coming from the Greek word Epi, meaning over or upon. The top layer or protective layer of the Epidermis is the Stratum Cornea. Microscopically it looks like brick and mortar. The “wall” thickens over time from lack of exfoliation (removing the dead skin cells). Because of this many things happen! Clogged pores (breakouts, white heads and blackheads), fine lines then deep set lines, hyper pigmentation (age spots) and dull, dry skin.

What can we do to help reduce ,change or improve what has happened or avoid them all together?

The first step as I said in a previous blog is simply cleansing the skin daily AM/PM.

The second step is to exfoliate!! Exfoliate means to mechanically or chemically loosen the bond of these dead skin cells that have built up on the stratum cornea.

Mechanical exfoliation means to use ingredients like jojoba beads -microdremabrasion crystals. You can feel mechanical ingredients. These mechanical ingredients “buff and polish” the stratum cornea. Chemical exfoliation ingredients are fruit acids and enzymes. They “dissolve” the dead skin cells that have built up on the stratum cornea.

If you start to exfoliate daily with both a mechanical and chemical exfoliating product you will “very” soon see a difference to the tone,texture and vibrancy to the skin. It will begin to work on the things that happened over the years that I mentioned above. From clogged and enlarged pores to hyper-pigmentation etc.

It is like brushing and flossing the teeth!! It will begin to take that mask off. Maybe not return to baby’s skin but a more radiant YOU.

Till next time.

Be blessed,


The You! In New Birth – New Life….

You are the unique you. You are the snow flake that God created. This unique creation is you.

There are certain aspects of the care for your skin which genetically may be needed at certain times in your life. For example, why do some people during puberty break out and others do not? The main answer to this complex question is your DNA. What your genes are saying, not your “designer jeans” but your genetics. The snowflake aspect to you!

Although, there may be things that happen to your skin during specific episodes in your life, there are “FACE FACT BASICS” that everyone needs to be doing daily.  AM-PM to promote the health of your skin. These skin care basics will create results of radiant, clear, healthy skin for a life time.

As I said in my first blog, I am going to break you and your skin and the care for it down into small, manageable parts.

These will be called “The Face Facts Basics”.

By the way this information is not for women only. It is for anyone from 8-108 who has skin. That means you. Please, share this with anyone you know who has skin. You will do them a favor. Please and thank you!

First! Everyone needs to cleanse their skin two times a day. AM-PM. I mean everyone. This may seem boring, ho hum and not very exciting but truly this is what everyone needs to do. You thought I was going to give you information on the latest laser treatment?!!! How can you zap if your skin is dirty and your pores are clogged? That will come later.

When I say cleansing, I mean deep pore cleansing. Not just makeup removal. That is important for those who wear makeup. But, everyone needs to remove the debris from the environment, sweat etc. daily. So if you do have makeup on, you need to do a double cleanse. Those yucky things mentioned above will build up and clog your pores. The health of the skin is dependent on the health of the pore.

The pores tend to get larger as one ages (everyone). Like a pot hole it is pushed open by sebum (oil created by the sebaceous gland). Some have larger pores by heredity (DNA) but regardless your pores will enlarge if you do not keep them cleaned out. On a positive note they can minimize in size as you keep them clean.

A handy tool for deep pore cleansing is a cleansing brush. For example the Clarisonic TM cleansing brush. There are several things I like about these tools. One, it may make you remember to cleanse your skin and two they work.

Next week the second step to your “Face Facts Basics”. You have to establish a foundation before you can build a house.

Be blessed,


Happy Easter, Happy Passover and Happy Spring all have the same meaning. New Birth, New Life!

In my 43 year career in the Cosmetic Industry I have never felt more passionate about the New Birth, New Life aspect for all your skin care, body care needs. This encompasses the home care products you use to the clinical-medical skin care treatments available.

As a working Clinical Para Medical esthetician for 20 yrs (What does that mean? I will be explaining in future blogs.) doing clinical result oriented treatments daily for years, I have seen it all. I see the confusion of what is “out” there, consumer expectations, and what can really be accomplished with treatments from clinical to medical esthetics.

That sentence is a mouth full and from there the New Birth-New Life weekly Blog begins.

It truly saddens me to see people (moms with teens dealing with acne, adult acne, rosacea, hyper-pigmentation (that can be sun damage to malasma and everything in between), aging skin (hello we are all aging) be told that one more zap or one more miracle product can “cure” the challenge at hand.

There is no quick fix. The skin is the largest organ of the body. It is often called the 3rd kidney. It is the largest organ of elimination. It is effected by every thing. It is made up of many layers. From the epidermal layers to the dermal layers.

The skin is a very complex organ. It is not just the man suit which we step into daily, like your latest skinny jeans or tank top, but an organ that is effected by all that you do or do not do.

I will break this down into small manageable parts of understanding. From home care products to clinical and medical treatments.

What are “really” the ingredients to look for and treatments that work.

There are many variables to all of this. Beginning with you!

From this very special place we will continue next week.

Be blessed!