Missed the POP UP SHOP with the one and only GiGi and I? Catch up below! 
We talked about DERMAPLANING…All you need to know!


Worth and Value….

In the NY Times Best Selling book, The Go Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann, they share a wonderful story, utilizing their 5 Laws of Stratospheric Success.

According to the book, success is not based on money and the amount of payments received.

It is based on….Worth and Value????

Law #1

Your true WORTH is determined by how much more you GIVE in VALUE, than you take in payment.


Is giving with out the expectation of what you will get from your actions.

Giving is from the heart.????


Your worth is priceless. The sky’s the limit….

Give to yourself-self care
Give to others- thought fullness
Give for the Glory of God….Love

During this Holy Week remember that God gave his only begotten son. The true gift of giving and supreme value to mankind John 3-16

Be blessed my friends.

It was a delight to join with Aginah Spencer, aka Gigi, yesterday to do the #POPUPSHOP, bringing the Novita Spa and Medical Rejuvenation Clinic to you!!


We miss you and want to continue to bring Joy, Peace and Results to you…and your special people with you!

Again, we had technical difficulties. See my phone on the table? We couldn’t get Gigi on a split screen but we could talk and share with you together.

We went through the What and Why of all the Novita Spa Clinical products that are used in the Novita Clinical and Medical Spa Treatments and for your home care!!????

I demonstrated on ME!!


Be You Tiful!

Be blessed,
Megan and Gigi


Today was #TotallyYouToday.. and it was a joy to share with you!!????

The quote for the week “Rise above the Storm and You Will Find the Sunshine,” so resonates with me.

Go with in and find and walk in your purpose. Then you will find the sunshine.

I shared about the morning after my husband passed away and how God gave me a directive. He knows that my purpose is to be an encourager. To share hope and possibilities.

He is always speaking. You just have to listen for his still small voice in your spirit. ????

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, God’s gift to us is today..that’s why they call us the Present.” Everyday is a gift.

Seek the possibilities of each day not the predictability…then you will find the sunshine

There is Always..Hope and Possibilities.. Just Over the Horizon????????

Be blessed,

The Novita Spa Pop Up Shop of Treatments…Our new series for you at home!!

We are taking the Novita Spa to you while you are at home!

Novita…New Birth..New Life..Always Something New!!

Bridgett Gloria and I shared information about the Chemical Peels and more! We demonstrated our Alpha Beta Peel on the hand, the importance of home care and the how and why home care is synergistic with spa treatments…as IMPORTANT!!


I know this segment will bless you!

Be Blessed, 



“Rise Above the Storm..and You Will Find the Sunshine!” ???? Psalm 91

The sun will not only come out tomorrow..but it’s always available to you. Go within.The light is always there.

In ancient scripture, Jesus said over 300 times, Fear Not.

Choose Faith over Fear.

Fear is an e motion. In that motion kick it to the curb. It is a choice to hold onto it.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, evidence of things not yet seen. Hebrews 11:1

Faith is substance…wow! It’s tangible. It’s not an emotion.

“If there is hope in tomorrow there is power in today.” Zig Ziglar
That power is Faith!

See it…Speak it…Take action today!

Build your spirit of hope and faith with daily prayer and meditation and the sunshine will be with you always. Jeremiah 29:11

Have a blessed and light filled day!

PS. My #1 Best Selling Book on Amazon

Hope and Possibilities Just Over the Horizon. It’s NeverToo Early Or Too Late To Create The Life Of Your Dreams.

Is now FREE on my website novitaspa.com. My gift to you????


It is my joy and honor to be a part of the Global Summit created by the inspiring business leader, Lisa Colegrove Copeland! She will launch the 24 hour Global Summit, Saturday PM, March 28th at 11 PM CT-12 Midnight, ET.


Join me and 48 leaders in business and leadership positions, share informational, motivational and inspiring stories and tools that will help you navigate all aspects of life today.


There is always hope and hidden possibilities in all situations of life. We all need the tools to understand how to access the powerful gift of hope and to identify the hidden possibilities in all circumstances. The 3 C’s of Clarity, Courage and Commitment will help you to identify, create, build and sustain hope and to see through the storms of life to the infinite possibilities that are there for us.

Join me Sunday AM, March 29 at 2:00 AM. I will share how I have utilized hope to navigate through many circumstances that could have had me abort my dreams, goals and purpose on the spot. Without Clarity, Courage and Commitment to them I would never have seen the infinite possibilities available to me!

Thank you to the creative genius and generous women, Michelle McLain, for all your wonderful design and marketing work for the Global Summit! I truly appreciate it!

I look forward to having you join me on Facebook for the Global Summit!

I know this epic 24 hr event will be life changing.

Be Blessed.
Megan Di Martino????


Come one come all to the Hope and Possibilities Pop Up Shop!!

Today I am demonstrating the removal and application of Color Street Nail Polish Strips!!


I discovered this amazing product.. Color Street Nail Polish Strips and said to myself…I need to bring them to you!!

They are beautiful, easy to apply, do not damage your nail beds and are very inexpensive. WOW!!

Today on the #PopUpShop I share the why and how I began to “sell” Color Street Nail Polish Strips in early February!! Amazing.. before we could not go to the nail salons. To me “selling” is sharing and assisting with peoples needs.

Perfect for anyone from 3-103 who wants beautiful…fun nails!! For guys too that may want a fun accent!! Musicians, bartenders!

You can purchase them on colorstreet.com/hopeandpossibilities 24 hrs a day!! The complete line of colors and designs are there. Even a French Manicure!

Each pack gives you enough for your 10 fingers and…your 10 toes. Each pack ranges from $11-14 each. There is a fabulous special…

Purchase 3 Get 1 FREE. I am holding a pack. WOW!!

Your friends and family will want them too. It is a great money making opportunity!

Watch my video…and see how easy it is to apply.

This is as Novita…Something New!!

Call me at 512 864 2773. PM me on FB and or email me at megan@novitaspa.com

Let’s Be-YOU-tiful together!!

Be blessed
Megan ????

Dear Treasured Guests,

In this unprecedented time we are all sharing life together.

We at the Novita Spa and Medical Rejuvenation Clinic are Grateful, Thankful and Blessed by you our guests.

As the team captain of the Novita Spa, it is my job to build a plan for the future…

If there is hope in the future, there is power in today. Zig Ziglar
The sun will come out tomorrow…It will. I promise.
Trust in the Lord Proverbs 3:5-6

I am working on behalf of my team and you!
Totally You…with daily eblasts and podcasts to stay connected with you.

The schedule of the FB lives are on the daily eblasts, my blog and on FB.

Today, I launched the Beauty Blessing Super Specials…


This will be a blessing for the NS team and hopefully you!! I am working on today and planning for tomorrow.

The Beauty Blessing Super Savings Program:

PRE PAY a year of our Luxury Spa Membership Program and receive 3 months of the Luxury Spa Membership Treatments FREE!! A 30% Value.

I am at the Novita Spa and Medical Rejuvenation Clinic daily. I am doing the daily Facebook lives at 11:30 AM.

I am then at the Spa from 1-3 to answer calls and assist you with any of your needs. Novita Spa Clinical Products and Gift Cards.

You can also purchase Novita Spa and Medical Rejuvenation Clinic’s products and Gift Cards for ALL occasions on novitaspa.com.

“Take a moment to bestow an unexpected kindness on an unsuspecting soul.” – Michelle McClain

With every Beauty Blessing Super Savings Program I introduce, I will give a blessing to a very deserving person.

I will be giving Donnie Boyd, who has a ministry in Georgetown, TX for the homeless. He works tirelessly and is a blessing for all.

I look forward to speaking to you tomorrow and daily through this very unprecedented time for all.

I send my love and prayers????????????

Be blessed,







Happy and blessed Sunday my friends!!

I look at this day as the 1st day of the rest of my life.
We are all in uncharted waters. Pretty exciting…if you choose to look at it that way.

I have been through many, many challenging times personally and professionally…

But, this is different. When I was dealing with or immersed in the situation at hand I was dealing with them alone.

Now..we are all in this together.
God has sent us home. Isiah 20-26

Prayer is powerful. He is asking his people to get on our knees and pray collectively 2 Chronicles 7-14

Know that God has us in the palm of his hand.

2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and a sound mind.

Yesterday, we closed the doors of the brick and mortar at the Novita Spa and Medical Rejuvenation Clinic. That act was the antithesis of all I am wired for. ” If you know your Passion and Purpose…Start and Don’t Stop.”

God has a plan..

I said brick and mortar…but…Novita Spa is always open 24 hours on line. Gift cards for all your special occasions ( Birthdays, Anniversaries etc). Purchase at novitaspa.com. There are gift templates for all occasions emailed to your special someone immediately!

All the Novita Spa Clinical Products are available at novitaspa.com and on Amazon!!

As a small business owner I will be sharing support information as I get it and explore it myself. We can explore and share together.

Join me daily on Facebook @ Megan Di Martino.

I will be going live daily at 11:30 AM! I listed the podcast topics yesterday on Facebook!! I am excited to share with you!


Please put in the comments and questions for all aspects of small business. Questions for all aspects of “Beauty.”

Lastly, it’s always time to look at other business opportunities that work with what you do. They are just over the horizon!

In early February, before this all began, I added Color Street Nail Polish Strips to the products I sell. Color Street Nail Polish Strips are 100% nail polish and are made in the USA!

They are awesome…beautiful array of colors and designs, easy to apply and long lasting. I will be demonstrating them on my podcasts.
If I can apply them you can too!!

It is also a great business opportunity for now and always…

Go to colorstreet.com/hopeandpossibilities to see all the New Spring designs and to order. Right girls…when our nails look good we feel good!!

I am here for you…if you need to talk…email me at megan@novitaspa.com.

Love you and I am praying for us all to thrive not just survive during a time such as this!

In his heart a man plans his course..but the Lord determines his steps Proverbs 16-9

Happy…the first day of the rest of your lives!

Be blessed!