Advanced Massage Services

Our advanced massage services include:

The Novita Signature Fusion Massage
This unique customized massage treatment is performed by our highly skilled Therapists who will design a treatment exclusively for your needs. This is a “Fusion” of relaxation swedish and deep tissue massage with just the right balance. Aromatherapy Steam Towel Enhancement included.
(60 min/90 min)
Novita Therapeutic Massage
Deep tissue and trigger point massage focusing on difficult areas. Includes neuromuscular therapy, joint mobilization and myofascial release with Aromatherapy and Steam Towel Enhancement. (60 min/90 min)
Trigger Point Therapy Massage
Trigger Point Therapy Massage targets your trouble spots and creates results and relief. (30 min)
Bella Baby Pre-Natal
The Pre Natal massage increases energy flow, which releases endorphins. Endorphins are your body’s natural pain modifiers. Relieves stress headache, backaches and muscle spasms. The Pre Natal  massage will reduce stiffness and muscle tightness and relieves tension. (60 min/90 min)
(Can be booked anytime after first trimester)
$105.00/ $150.00
Hot StoneMelt away your stress on those days when you really need to unwind. By using smooth warm river stones this massage penetrates deep into the muscles allowing for maximum relaxation. (90 min)
Massage Therapy Enhancements
Herbal Body Exfoliation and Massage for Feet & Legs
Hot Oil Scalp Massage

All Massage Therapy and Body Treatments begin with an
Aromatherapy Detox Steam Session No Charge….$30 Value

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