Microcurrent Facials

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The Novita Spa and Medical Rejuvenation Clinic has been a pioneer in age management clinical and medical facial treatments since since 2005 in Georgetown, Texas. We accomplish these changes to the skin with the comprehensive program of the Novita Spa Clinical Products and Mineral Cosmetics and The Novita Clinical and Medical Facial Program.  The Novita Spa Clinical products have been sold through the USA to salons and spas and medical spas since 1992. The Novita Spa Clinical’s are a pioneer in Glycolic Acid, Alpha Hydroxy- Beta Hydroxy skin care technology. These result oriented products and The Novita Spa and Medical Rejuvenation Clinic’s comprehensive program of clinical facials and medical facials create true lasting results!

Microcurrent Facials are a clinical facial in the Novita Spa Clinical Facial Program. The Microcurrent Facial works in a topical level with a small electrical charge. The electrical charge boosts the natural chemical reaction that creates the production of collagen and elastin and improves blood circulation and muscle tone.

Microcurrent Facials will:

  • Improve Facial and Neck Tone
  • Lifting Jowels and Eyebrows
  • Reducing Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Reducing Puffiness
  • Rejuvenating The Skin
  • Improving Facial Circulation
  • Aiding In Lymphatic Drainage
  • Enhancing The Novita Spa Clinical Product Penetration
  • Medical Facial Treatment Series: Sublime Bi- Polar Radio Frequency

Microcurrent Facials are the monthly maintenance facial!

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