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Beauty Is Only Skin Deep. Time for Coolsculpting!

Mar 20, 2015 | Coolsculpting, Spa Services

Beauty is only skin deep! That is the problem! Time for coolsculpting! Heredity dealt me with a higher body fat content than some. Even at my skinniest I was never skinny. Some times thinner than other times based on a very restricted diet and more exercise.

I heard a statistic today that women over 48 stop wearing bikinis. 48, how about 24 for me! After my second pregnancy, in 1975, that was it! It wasn’t just “no” bikini. It has been sans bathing suit.

I have always worked toward being healthy which is so important to me. But, no matter how many miles I walk and sugar free, gluten free and carb free I eat, there are those areas that just won’t go away. They shrink but are still with me!

Then Coolsculpting came into my life and The Novitá Spa and Medical Rejuvenation Clinics‘ treatment program!


I had my lower abdomen procedure completed this week. This is my personal journey. I will keep you posted. After 30 days, I will unveil my before and after photos. Coolsculpting says “The full results take up to 3 months.”

I will wait till after the 30 day mark to have several other areas done so you and I will see the difference together in my lower tummy area first.

I am motivated to get the sneakers back on and maybe go to Jazzercise.  I know though, that will not significantly change my lower tummy area.

I have seen some amazing results. I am excited.

We are having a “Cool Day Out Open House” next Thursday March 26, from Noon till 8:00 PM. Come and hear about Coolsculpting and have a “No Charge” consult. See you then at The Novitá Spa and Medical Rejuvenation Clinic!

Be blessed,