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The Spring Renewal Facial Package

• The Ultimate Facial – $200 Value
This advanced result oriented facial treatment layers two of these modalities; Alpha-Beta Peel, LED Photo Therapy or Microcurrent Therapy…and much more.

• 1 Infrared Sauna Session – $45 Value

• Take Home Miracle Experience Kit – $50 Value


Total Value: $300

Spring Renewal Facial Package Special: $199

Infrared Sauna Program

Welcome to the Infrared Sauna Program!

A few of the amazing benefits are:
• Infrared light builds our immune system and reduces inflammation.
• It raises endorphins which help with mood elevation and better sleep.
• It helps with muscular and joint pain
• And much more!

For more information go to www.infraredsauna.com

I have never met a person that has been in the Clearlight Infrared Sauna and said “that was a waste of time.”

The Opposite Happens!

They join the program and come weekly for their Sauna Session!

It Truly will Create Results!

*This Can Be Extended to The Monthly Infrared Sauna Membership Program

Novita Spa Clinical Products

Your Skin’s Transformation Continues at Home!

Get The Novita Glo….

The Novita Spa Clinical Products have been beautifying the world and changing the skin your in since 1992!

This “Clean Beauty” line of products Are a simple synergistic system concept. They are for all skin types and needs. Start today and every day with the Novita Spa Clinical Products.

They simply work with great value!

Introductory VIP Program!

1 – Myers Cocktail Infusion — $250 Value

8 – Infrared Sauna Sessions — $240 Value

1 – VIP Facial with Megan Di Martino — $250 Value

**Novita Spa Clinical Products 20% Savings

Total Value $740