Wholesale Pricing

Thank you for your interest in the Novita Spa Clinicals Spa Pricing Program!

If you are a licensed Salon-Spa-Medical Spa and Boutique Professional this program is for you. The Award-Winning Novita Spa Clinical Products are a “Clean” line of Pharmaceutical Grade Skin Care. This Simple, Safe, and Synergistic System of products are for all skin types and needs.

Join me and my team, who are here to assist you to Start, Scale, and Sustain your Skin Care-Spa businesses. For the last 30 years, my heart has been committed to assisting you in every facet of your business.

I will be doing live training and weekly vlogging that will assist you to build your business. These vlogs will be interactive. I will be answering your questions and needs.


To Place Professional Spa Orders
for Novita Spa Clinical Products
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