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Dear Treasured Guests,

Welcome to Novita Spa! New Birth…New Life…Always Something New!

Over the last 17 years, my staff and I have brought True Results with Special Pampering to all! Our hopes and plans are to share this for years to come!

30 years ago I developed and launched my first skincare brand Glycolique, a pioneer in Glycolic Acid, result-oriented skincare. Then, in 1997, I launched the Novita Spa Clinical Products. The Novita Spa Clinical products along with the Professional Spa Treatments create True Results for all!

The beautiful Novita Spa is no longer located on the Historic Georgetown Square.

Now wonderful, result-oriented treatments are being performed at the charming Cottage at Anchored Wellness. Novita Spa Clinical Products are available there, as well as online at!

Over the years, I built an amazing team of Skin Care and Massage Professionals at the Novita Spa and Medical Rejuvenation Clinic! I am joyful to share that Gigi Spencer, Bridgette Gloria, and Melissa Vasquez now have their own Luxury Spa right off Georgetown Square, in the Cottage at Anchored Wellness. Novita Spa Clinical Skin Care Products are sold there as well. Please contact Gigi Spencer at 512-402-4159, Bridgette Gloria at 254-535-9595, or Melissa Vasquez at 512-888-6175 for your spa treatment needs!

For a Stem Cell Regenerative Therapy Consultation, please call Megan at 512-864-2773.

We look forward to serving you with all your beauty and wellness needs!

Be Blessed,
Megan Di Martino

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