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May 8, 2016 | Life Events

Love and Memories to Mom

My 2 Daughters Jill and Megan Spring 1979

I shared a photo of my two loves, my two daughters, Megan and Jill. It was Spring 1979 and we were about to get on the train to go to New York City for the day! Creating memories…

Over the years I have been a daughter, daughter in law, mother, grandmother and mother of sorts to my daughters’ friends and have loved and mentored many. And let’s not forget all the dogs and cats I have been the mother to when my daughters brought them home!!

Love is the foundation to it all!

As we celebrate all Mother’s today it truly is a day of memories, love and thanksgiving!

It is my true joy and pleasure to assist all the men and their children to pick out special gifts from the Novita Spa for “Their Mom”! My dad Ray Di Martino was a very loving and sentimental person. I was one of four children and he loved Mother’s Day. He loved my Mother and loved taking all us kids to antique shops to pick out special treasures for my mother. Wonderful memories.

It has been a wonderful week of love at The Novita Spa. My staff and I are so grateful for everyone. We are blessed to be a part of your lives and a small part of your love and memory building!

Be blessed,