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Face Facts of the Week…Clarity Leads to Power

Mar 6, 2017 | Novita Clinical Products, Products, Uncategorized


A person asked if the Micro Beads that are in the Rise and Shine Cleanser are natural?

Answer. The Rise and Shine Cleanser was initially developed in 1997 and the Micro Beads have always been Jojoba Beads. Which means that they are derived from jojoba oil spheres and are bio degradable.

In 2015 the EPA banned skin care companies from using non biodegradable polyethylene beads.

We as a company have always manufactured from the inception in 1992 (Glycolique) with Pharmaceutical grade ingredients, European Cold Pressed Botanicals and of the purest ingredients.

The Novita Spa Clinical products are Paraben Free, Fragrance Free, Laurel Sulfate Free, Gluten and Nut Free and are Cruelty Free.

Our Intent is to bring “You”  skin care products with Harmony,
Balance and Integrity!!

Novita…New Birth, New Life..Always Something New!!

Be Blessed,