Advanced Revitalizing Gel and The Night Recovery

Our power packed Gel working with our super hydrating mineral infused moisturizer will repair all of the days assault.

We all know that the skin needs protection during the day from UV exposure and pollution. These factors contributes to premature aging and dehydration. But, it is crucial for your night time skin care program to work just as hard as your day time program does.

While you sleep the skin repairs itself.

At Novita Spa Clinical’s our philosophy is Simple, Safe and Synergistic Skin Care For All Skin Types and Ages!

Nothing complicated here. Just dramatic results with our simple two step system that provides exfoliation, hydration, anti oxidant and peptide renewal.

Begin with The Advanced Revitalizing Gel. This step may be what you are missing. The super charged Gel absorbs immediately. It has the ability to deliver active ingredients that begin to retexturize,repair, firm and restore your skin.

Then apply Night Recovery Vitamin-Mineral Infusion. This super calming, hydrating moisturizer locks in the activity from the Advanced Revitalizing Gel. Your skin will feel like it has just had a tall drink of water before you drift off to sleep!

Sweet dreams! See you in the AM..You will be amazed with the results!

Be Blessed,