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Face Facts by Megan…It’s Hot Out There…Should I Wear Sunscreen?

Jul 25, 2017 | Uncategorized



Controversies about wearing sunscreen:
-People believe they don’t need to use sunscreen based on the amount of time they are in the sun.
-They are not concerned about the risk
-They don’t like the feel of sunscreen
-They think they will break out
-They are going on vacation and want to get some color first
-They are concerned about chemicals in sunscreen
-They think being in the sun is healthy

Let’s look at Chemical versus Natural. It really isn’t chemical versus natural but the differences between chemical and mineral sunscreen. Mineral sunscreen ingredients are also referred to as physical sunscreen.Mineral sunscreen ingredients are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. These are physical sunscreen ingredients and they screen and block both UVA and UVB rays.

Mineral sunscreen ingredients are water resistant and are insoluble. They are effective upon application versus chemical sunscreens that need to be applied 30 min before sun exposure. They are known as soluble ingredients.

Chemical sunscreens can breakdown over time and with sun exposure making them less effective then Mineral sun screen ingredients. They also only screen the UVB ray. The burning Ray. With a higher Sun Protection Factor (SPF 50) with a Zinc base, a chemical sunscreen can leave a white chalky look. Mineral sunscreen has a very natural appearance.

Mineral sunscreen ingredients have a longer shelf life and will not cause skin sensitivity and clog pores. Some chemical sunscreens can sensitize the skin and cause breakouts.

Both chemical and mineral sunscreen protection must be re applied at least every 2 hours with sun exposure. It is imperative to use sunscreen protection while with passive exposure too. This will assist with the sun and environmental damage. Today many daily moisturizers have both titanium dioxide and zinc oxide ingredients.  There are clear mineral powders for facial and body sunscreen protection too.

Sun exposure does create Vitamin D which is needed for our health. But, sun exposure also contributes to hyper pigmentation (age spots), deep wrinkles and loss of collagen of the skin, as well as skin cancer. So protection and sun exposure moderation is imperative.

Knowledge leads to power. It is important to understand why you should use sunscreen even when you are having fun in the sun!

Be Blessed,