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Nov 11, 2017 | Uncategorized

Our days are hurried and rushed. We all have many commitments and people to care for. But, do we care for ourselves?

Busyness does not just tire us out physically but tire out our skin and body.

We see changes to our skin, not only on our face but our body too.

We say to ourselves..It’s just the way it is.

It doesn’t have to be.

Everyday we age if you want to say. But, so does a fine wine which only gets better with age.


There are many contributing Factors to aging. One of the main factors is that we are all cells. Topically our skin cells turnover every 30-40 days. Over 50 every 45-90 days.  What does that mean? If you do not remove these dead skin cells they will build up and thicken the epidermis and cause many challenges to the skin and health.

Plain and simple, out of shape skin! This  build up creates dull, dry and wrinkled skin and clogs the pores on the epidermal (top) layer of the skin.

What can we do to counter act this inevitability?

It is imperative to exfoliate the skin. This is not pampering. It is equivalent to brushing your teeth.

Most people when asked about exfoliation believe it to be a scrub of some sort. Actually there are 2 forms of exfoliation. Mechanical and chemical exfoliation.

Mechanical exfoliation are srubs. The medium is anything from a jojoba bead to microdermabrasion crystals. They buff and polish the epidermis.

Chemical exfoliation mediums are fruit acids and enzymes. These natural active ingredients dissolve the thickened build up of cells on the epidermis and also unclog the pores.

The true health of the skin is predicated on the health of the pore.

If the pore is clogged the pores will enlarge which can be unsightly. Clogged pores will cause white heads (milia), blackheads and one of the contributors to acne.

Also, if the epidermis is thickened nothing can penetrate through it. You can have a product with great hydrating ability but it will only lubricate so to speak this thickened “wall”.

Collagen and elastin will stop being produced unless these fibers are stimulated in the mitochondria layer of the skin. Ingredients that stimulate this collagen and elastin production then can penetrate the epidermis.

What is this all saying..Self care is not selfish. Be the best you!

Today there are easy tools to accomplish true health for your skin.

Novita Spa Clinical products have been assisting all from 8-108 who has skin to attain true health for their skin and well being.

Get ready for this busy holiday season by taking care of you!

Be blessed,