Spring is almost here! The Novita Spa will get you prepared to be Spring and Summer ready with Laser Hair Removal!

We invite you to join us for a No Charge Consultation. The Novita Spa Team wants to introduce you to The Laser Hair Removal Club!

If you are a candidate this procedure will change your life! We promise!

 Be Blessed,
“I have used Novita Spa products since the company started. I’m a fan of the facial products and I use most of the line daily. I have very sensitive skin and never have any issues with Novita products. They are amazing!

I also am a huge fan of Satin, the body lotion. I have terrible eczema, which has escalated as my skin has aged, and for whatever reason, Satin calms my inflammation and stops the itching. It’s amazing and so great to be able to use a non-medicated lotion instead of steroid creams. If you have sensitive skin, Novita products are for you!

Another favorite is the Air Supply. My skin gets very dry when flying. I recently returned from a trip to Spain and used Air Supply throughout both legs. My skin stayed dewey and fresh – even on the overnight flight! Will not travel without it again!”
– Gabby McNamara