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Happy Mother’s Day to All!!

May 12, 2019 | Uncategorized


Mother’s Day celebrates the qualities that make Mothers special..the capacity for love, the instinct for care, and the fierce commitment to give her “ALL” for family and loved ones, whom ever they may be!

Wilhelmina Reardon Di Martino with Grace Ahern

Meet my mother on the left, Wilhelmina Reardon. She was with her bestie…Grace Ahern AKA Aunt Gracie! They met as nurses in NYC and worked together at the 1936 Worlds Fair in NYC. My mother also met my father, Ray Di Martino, at the Fair! A very eventful time in Wilma’s life.

At that period in my mother’s life she was not only a working RN nurse but was the “mother” to several of her younger siblings. They lost their parents quite early in their lives. Wilma took care of and paid for their educations. She was committed and a hard worker.

Her nursing was part of all of me and my three siblings lives. I remember “GREAT” care by my mother when having childhood illnesses like the measles, mumps and the chicken pox. I wouldn’t say they were great experiences but she made them special!

My mother was very stylish as you can see in the photo above. She was a great seamstress and very creative. As I got older we designed together all of my prom and special occasion dresses, including my wedding dress.

Care and concern for others was a strong part of her DNA. My mother was a devout Catholic and her faith was very important to her. During the last 10 years of her life, she lived to 96, she strung thousands of Rosary Beads for missions.

I am very blessed to have had my mother for a very long time in my life and my daughters lives. Memories are the most treasured gifts..I treasure them all!On this Mother’s Day I honor and appreciate not only my mother but all the women that have influenced my life! In the past and today!
I treasure and love you all…

Be blessed,