It is my joy and honor to be a part of the Global Summit created by the inspiring business leader, Lisa Colegrove Copeland! She will launch the 24 hour Global Summit, Saturday PM, March 28th at 11 PM CT-12 Midnight, ET.


Join me and 48 leaders in business and leadership positions, share informational, motivational and inspiring stories and tools that will help you navigate all aspects of life today.


There is always hope and hidden possibilities in all situations of life. We all need the tools to understand how to access the powerful gift of hope and to identify the hidden possibilities in all circumstances. The 3 C’s of Clarity, Courage and Commitment will help you to identify, create, build and sustain hope and to see through the storms of life to the infinite possibilities that are there for us.

Join me Sunday AM, March 29 at 2:00 AM. I will share how I have utilized hope to navigate through many circumstances that could have had me abort my dreams, goals and purpose on the spot. Without Clarity, Courage and Commitment to them I would never have seen the infinite possibilities available to me!

Thank you to the creative genius and generous women, Michelle McLain, for all your wonderful design and marketing work for the Global Summit! I truly appreciate it!

I look forward to having you join me on Facebook for the Global Summit!

I know this epic 24 hr event will be life changing.

Be Blessed.
Megan Di Martino????