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Apr 14, 2020 | Uncategorized


Happy, Happy Saturday before Easter!!!

I want you to meet Harry L Gold. Harry was the major merchant on the Georgetown, TX. Square for over 30 years.

To give you some perspective, Georgetown is only 20 miles North of Austin. But, when Harry opened these stores it could have been in another state.

Harry and I connect on a very deep level.

He was a true Hope and Possibilities guy!

When I came to G-town in 2004 the population was less then 15,000 people. Now is it over 80,000.

As you know I have been manufacturing Clinical Skin Care products since 1992.

When I shared with Aestheticians in Austin, who carry the products, that I was opening a Clinical Spa and Education Center in G-town, they were shocked. Shocked that this NY girl was going to Georgepatch. That is actually what one person said to me.

Harry owned all the space from Red Bird Mercantile through Diva at the end. Novita Spa is in the middle.

He was the first person to do TV and radio advertising. His tag line was “We’re just a conversation away.”

Harry’s heart was always open. The stories of his warmth, humor and generosity are epic.

Harry was open from the late 50’s through the early 2000’s. I am sure it wasn’t easy, with the changing times. In the late 60’s he altered the facade to be more “modern.” Always pivoting! But, his core was always there for people. To serve their needs.

On this eve of Resurrection Sunday I wanted to share a little bit of Harry’s story. It’s all of our stories.

It’s a story of Hope and Infinite Possibilities…Just Over the Horizon! Follow your dreams…start and never stop!!

Thank you Harry!!????

Be blessed!