Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy

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Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy refers to therapies that are able to repair, restore and regenerate damaged tissue in the body. These treatments represent a significant advancement from traditional ones that offer symptom relief as a proverbial “band-aid”.

My journey with Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy began with my left knee. From a western medicine position, I needed knee replacement surgery. I did not want to have surgery. I did not want the downtime and physical therapy that goes with having knee replacement surgery. There is a 60-40% success ratio. I did not want to be in the 40% that did not have a positive result.

With that in mind I started to do research on alternative methods other than having surgery. I discovered Stem Cells. Specifically Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy. I found a center that friends had used for their Regenerative procedures. They had wonderful results. I decided to proceed and had Regenerative Therapy in my left knee area. That was in November 2018. Three years later I have a strong left knee. I have a new quality of life.

As a Medical Spa owner, I knew that I had to bring Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy to my business.

In January 2019 I launched Regenerative Medicine for Health, Wellness, and Beauty at my Medical Spa, the Novita Spa, and Medical Rejuvenation Clinic as an Affiliate Partner with R3 Stem Cell. During these last 3 years we have treated hundreds of patients with Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy. With each patient, their quality of life has improved as mine has without surgery.

I would be blessed to assist you in any way I can.

Please contact me at novitaspa.com or megan@novitaspa.com to set up a consultation or to answer any questions you may have.

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Are you suffering from joint, hip, and knee pain?

Can’t enjoy physical activity?

Have trouble breathing?

Have you lost the quality of your life?

Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy is Effective For:

• Avoiding Surgery
• Achieving Back and Neck Pain Relief
• Tendonitis – Shoulder, Elbow, Hip, Knee, Achilles
• Golfer’s or Tennis Elbow
• Ligament Sprains and Cartilage Defects
• Bursitis (e.g. hip) and Pelvic Pain
• Neuropathy
• Plantar Fasciitis
• SI Joint Inflammation or Arthritis – Large & Small Joints
• Hip, Knee, Shoulder Arthritis
• Rengerative Esthetics
• And Much More! 


Non Surgical and Drug Free!

Austin Spa Skincare Boss - Megan Di Martino photo
Spa Skincare Boss - Megan Di Martino photo

Our Procedure

Stem Cell

Amniotic fluid or umbilical cord tissue collected from consenting donors after scheduled C-sections.

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Stem cells maintain the capability of differentiating into various cell lines such as tendon, cartilage, muscle, skin, and bone.

The regenerative therapy offered at the Novita Spa and Medical Rejuvenation Clinic harnesses your body’s existing reparative processes for the

Regeneration of the Damaged Tissue!

Austin Spa Skincare Boss - Megan Di Martino photo
Spa Skincare Boss - Megan Di Martino photo

The regenerative materials used are regulated by the FDA and have been shown to be safe and effective with

Over 10,000 Cases

performed the past few years alone!

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My Story

with Stem Cell Therapy

• August of 2018 I injured my knee while dancing. I could not walk!!
• I had an X-Ray. I was told I needed knee replacement surgery.
• I had a Stem Cell Therapy Injection in my knee at the end of October


Repair • Restore • Regenerate

Austin Spa Skincare Boss - Megan Di Martino photo
Spa Skincare Boss - Megan Di Martino photo

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Restore the Quality of Your Life!