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Fall Restoration…Peel Off Those Many Layers Of Summer Damage

Sep 9, 2014 | Novita Clinical Products, Spa Services

peels to ward off summer damage

To peel or not to peel? What is a peel? Are there different types of peels? What is the best peel to have and when?

Let’s cover the basics first. We are all made up of cells. Every small minute detail of us are made up of cells. The skin is no different. The top layer of the skin has cell turnover approximately every 27 days. The top layer of the skins surface is the Epidermal layer. The surface protective layer of the Epidermis is the Stratum Cornea.

If we took a microscopic shot of your Stratum Cornea it looks like brick and mortar with thousands of little holes, which are your pores. Through these holes comes a microscopic hair follicle that is rooted in a single sebaceous gland. The sebaceous gland produces sebum (oil). This oil will travel up to the pore and sit. If not removed by exfoliation it will clog the pore. Some produce more sebum than others based on your system’s pre-disposition.

The sebum (oil), dead skin cells and the debris (perspiration, etc.) of the day will mix together and  clog the pore. When this happens milia form (clogged pores or also known as white heads). This is also why we breakout. Breakouts are an inflammation of the follicular wall (ie. the pore).

Speaking of the pore, a blackhead is oxidized sebum sitting in the pore. It is imperative to exfoliate to remove this sebum from the pore. As we age, our pores tend to get larger because this sebum is pushing the pore open. When you consistently exfoliate it will clean out the pore and enable the pore to shrink.

Exfoliation is vital for the function of the skin for all skin types from 8-108! Not just to stave off breakouts, milia and blackheads but the health of the skin in general is predicated on the health of the pore.

There are two types of exfoliation. 1- Mechanical 2-Chemical. “Mechanical Exfoliation” is a tactile substance from jojoba beads to microdermabrasion crystals. You can feel them. They buff and polish the Stratum Cornea. Chemical Exfoliation are Fruit Acids and Enzymes. They “dissolve” the inter cellular glue; dead skin cells and other build up on the Stratum Cornea. In other words, they “Peel” away this build up.

So this brings us to “A Peel”. “A Peel” is a chemical exfoliation. There are  different substances used either in the fruit acid family and enzyme family. But, Glycolic Acid from sugar cane is the one most used because it has the smallest molecular size. Therefore, it has the greatest ability to dissolve the dead skins cells etc of the Stratum Cornea and pass through the Epidermis to the Dermal layers of the skin. It is also a great carrier of other ingredients and in lower concentrations is actually a humectant. Meaning it is also hydrating.

The most misleading aspect of the word “peel” is that it suggests that you will see shedding of the skin. Ie. peeling of the skin.

There is nothing good about assaulting the skin and causing it to shed. Sun burns and tanning beds for example are assaulting to the skin. They cause hyper pigmentation and pre-mature aging. This is what we are working to restore. You need to look for home care products and professional treatments that are progressive non aggressive.

Balance is what we must look for. A professional “peel” every now and then that is called a light peel is great, but it will not create great change to the skin. You need daily, gentle, balanced chemical exfoliation. It is like brushing your teeth AM- PM. Home care that gently chemically exfoliates the skin is vital for true results. Then go monthly or quarterly for your professional “peel”. Both together will create true results! You will see almost immediate results of improved tone, texture, color, plumpness, radiance and hydration to the skin. Chemical Exfoliation will also reduce milia and blackheads and work to minimize hyper-pigmentation.

The Novitá Spa Clinical Facial Essential System is the answer for your home care needs. Then monthly come to the Novitá Medical Rejuvenation Clinic-Spa for your Professional Paramedical facial, neck, chest and hand peel.

This Simple, Safe, Synergistic program will establish the beginning of true results!

Call us today for information on our Intro Revitalizing Facial Program. This is the place to begin for your skins “Fall Restoration”!!

Be blessed,