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August’s End of Summer Clinical Skin Care Repair Series Program

Aug 26, 2016 | Body Health, Novita Clinical Products, Spa Services

It is now August and school is back in session here in Texas. Other parts of the country are having their last summer visits to the beach and enjoying other outdoor activities. 100 degree heat and strong direct sun over the summer cause extreme stress to your skin. Dehydration and  direct sun damage to the skin are several of the greatest contributors to “Premature Aging”.

We hear in the media and from skin care companies the term..Anti Aging. This term is questionable to me since we are all aging. Anti means opposed to or against. We could say we are opposed to aging but again it is an inevitable reality. I’d rather approach aging as “Aging  Gracefully”.

From this place I created the end of Summer Clinical-Clinical Skin Care Repair Series Program to Repair, Restore and to synergistically continue to create true results after the treatments with The Novita Spa Clinical Skin Care System of Products.

The program synergistically combines the 3 most important modalities for Age Management and healthy younger looking skin. The 3 modalities of Glycolic Acid, Alpha Hydroxy-Beta Hydroxy Chemical Peel ( The Novita Spa’s Paramedical Peel), LED Photo Light Therapy and Microcurrent are layered into The Novita Spa’s Signature Revitalizing Facial.

August's End of Sumer Clinical Skin Care Repair Series ProgramThe client then takes home the core Novita Spa Clinical Facial products to continue the ” Novita Age Management” program. This easy to use 3 Step System is for all skin types. We say at Novita, “The Novita Spa Clinical products anyone from 8-108 who has skin”!

The Series Program of “Purchasing 3 of the Ultimate-Ultimate Facial Treatment and Receiving the 4th Treatment Free” is the perfect way to not only Repair and Restore from the summer’s assault but to create true ongoing results!

We look forward to serving you soon at the Novita Spa and Medical Rejuvenation Clinic for your Ultimate-Ultimate Clinical Skin Care Repair Series Program!

Be blessed,