Review for Novita Spa & Medical Rejuvenation Clinic
“I love Novita Spa! I have had several experiences at the Spa and loved everyone of them. I have started using their products and love, love, love them. I use the Facial Miracle Experience System and it is the best products I have ever used on my skin and highly recommend to anyone. I also started using their mineral cosmetics, I have tried all kinds of different mineral makeups and this is by far the best product out there in my opinion. They mill their product 4 times instead of the standard 2 times and it lasts all day and looks so natural while covering any imperfections you have. I can’t say enough about their products, you just have to try them for yourself!”
– Marybeth Barrett 3/31/17
I have been developing Clinical result oriented skin care products since 1992. When I developed my first line of products, Glycolique, which was one of the first Glycolic Acid skin care products on the market, I realized then that results (from aging, acne, rosacea, hyper pigmentation) with little or no irritation was what people were looking for. 
I re-engineered Glycolique in 1997 and created The Novita Spa Clinicals and Mineral Cosmetics. Novita..New Birth, New Life..Always Something New!
The Novita Spa Clinicals were and are revolutionary because they are designed with synergy from the most current scientific skin care ingredients (AHA’S, BHA’S, Anti Oxidant Technology, Peptides and the most effective hydrating ingredients) with natures most effective Cold Pressed Botanicals. 
This Synergy creates Harmony Balance and Integrity for all skin types and needs.
Join for our Intro Revitalizing Facial and you will receive the Miracle Experience System and have a color match with our Mineral Cosmetics that Marybeth spoke about in her testimonial! You to will experience the difference.
We look forward to serving you for all your skin care, body care needs!
Be blessed,