Well-Being: Coolsculpting – Freeze, Fat!

Have a double chin? Or a persistent jelly roll, no matter how much you work out? CoolSculpting might be for you! Megan Di Martino, owner of Novita Spa on the Square and Medical Rejuvenation Clinic, shares about this quick fat-reduction procedure.

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a noninvasive procedure that kills fat cells by freezing them. The body then slowly eliminates the dead fat cells. Patients see results over a three-month period. CoolSculpting doesn’t require patient downtime. Novita Spa launched the procedure in March 2015.

Why offer CoolSculpting at your spa?

I work to offer the most cutting-edge treatments and products for patients’ needs. I had been studying different procedures for fat reduction for several years and CoolSculpting has an amazing reputation.

How does a client begin?

Novita Spa offers free consultation for interested clients. We design a plan customized for their needs. Sometimes one quick freeze is all you need. One procedure can reduce the fat layer by 20 percent.

What does the process feel like?

The device is positioned on the body, which then draws the bulge of undesired fat up between two cooling panels. Clients initially feel a sensation of intense cold, which soon dissipates. Many people spend the procedure time reading, working on their laptop, listening to music, or even taking a nap.

Because the process is noninvasive, clients can continue normally with their lives between procedures. You can even do a procedure on a lunch break and go back to work afterward.

Have you tried CoolSculpting?

I had my lower and upper abdomen done and will be doing additional areas soon. It’s great. No surgery, no anesthesia, no down time.