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Feb 11, 2020 | Uncategorized

I never would have been able to ask you to consider having stem cell therapy if it had not been for the fact that I had one injection for my left knee. I needed a knee replacement and I said no!

I did not want surgery, the down time and a foreign body in my body.

I said NO!

When 1 cc of stem cells changed the quality of my life, I knew I needed to bring it to others.

Meet Norm Adams. Norm is a person who had Stem Cell Therapy at the Novita Medical Rejuvenation Clinic.


As you heard from Norm, Stem Cell Therapy has changed the quality of his life without surgery, pain medication, injections, braces and other conventional means dealing with chronic pain.

I have been a researcher and developer of topical result oriented skin care products since 1992. Before I made the final decision to introduce Stem Cell Regenerative Therapy at the Novita Medical Rejuvenation Clinic, I did research on how we would add it at the Novita Medical Rejuvenation Clinic.

That research led me to R3 Stem Cell. R3 is an education, training company and provider of the stem cells used. We are now an affiliate of R3 Stem Cell.

Join me for a NO CHARGE consultation. I will design a plan for you that will change the quality of your life…forever. We also have monthly seminars at Novita Medical Rejuvenation Clinic and Sun City. We will share correct information and dispel misinformation.

I look forward to sharing ground breaking Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy with you!

Be blessed,

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