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Happy Easter, Happy Passover and Happy Spring!

Apr 6, 2013 | Uncategorized

Happy Easter, Happy Passover and Happy Spring all have the same meaning. New Birth, New Life!

In my 43 year career in the Cosmetic Industry I have never felt more passionate about the New Birth, New Life aspect for all your skin care, body care needs. This encompasses the home care products you use to the clinical-medical skin care treatments available.

As a working Clinical Para Medical esthetician for 20 yrs (What does that mean? I will be explaining in future blogs.) doing clinical result oriented treatments daily for years, I have seen it all. I see the confusion of what is “out” there, consumer expectations, and what can really be accomplished with treatments from clinical to medical esthetics.

That sentence is a mouth full and from there the New Birth-New Life weekly Blog begins.

It truly saddens me to see people (moms with teens dealing with acne, adult acne, rosacea, hyper-pigmentation (that can be sun damage to malasma and everything in between), aging skin (hello we are all aging) be told that one more zap or one more miracle product can “cure” the challenge at hand.

There is no quick fix. The skin is the largest organ of the body. It is often called the 3rd kidney. It is the largest organ of elimination. It is effected by every thing. It is made up of many layers. From the epidermal layers to the dermal layers.

The skin is a very complex organ. It is not just the man suit which we step into daily, like your latest skinny jeans or tank top, but an organ that is effected by all that you do or do not do.

I will break this down into small manageable parts of understanding. From home care products to clinical and medical treatments.

What are “really” the ingredients to look for and treatments that work.

There are many variables to all of this. Beginning with you!

From this very special place we will continue next week.

Be blessed!