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New Birth – New Life

Apr 16, 2013 | Uncategorized

The You! In New Birth – New Life….

You are the unique you. You are the snow flake that God created. This unique creation is you.

There are certain aspects of the care for your skin which genetically may be needed at certain times in your life. For example, why do some people during puberty break out and others do not? The main answer to this complex question is your DNA. What your genes are saying, not your “designer jeans” but your genetics. The snowflake aspect to you!

Although, there may be things that happen to your skin during specific episodes in your life, there are “FACE FACT BASICS” that everyone needs to be doing daily.  AM-PM to promote the health of your skin. These skin care basics will create results of radiant, clear, healthy skin for a life time.

As I said in my first blog, I am going to break you and your skin and the care for it down into small, manageable parts.

These will be called “The Face Facts Basics”.

By the way this information is not for women only. It is for anyone from 8-108 who has skin. That means you. Please, share this with anyone you know who has skin. You will do them a favor. Please and thank you!

First! Everyone needs to cleanse their skin two times a day. AM-PM. I mean everyone. This may seem boring, ho hum and not very exciting but truly this is what everyone needs to do. You thought I was going to give you information on the latest laser treatment?!!! How can you zap if your skin is dirty and your pores are clogged? That will come later.

When I say cleansing, I mean deep pore cleansing. Not just makeup removal. That is important for those who wear makeup. But, everyone needs to remove the debris from the environment, sweat etc. daily. So if you do have makeup on, you need to do a double cleanse. Those yucky things mentioned above will build up and clog your pores. The health of the skin is dependent on the health of the pore.

The pores tend to get larger as one ages (everyone). Like a pot hole it is pushed open by sebum (oil created by the sebaceous gland). Some have larger pores by heredity (DNA) but regardless your pores will enlarge if you do not keep them cleaned out. On a positive note they can minimize in size as you keep them clean.

A handy tool for deep pore cleansing is a cleansing brush. For example the Clarisonic TM cleansing brush. There are several things I like about these tools. One, it may make you remember to cleanse your skin and two they work.

Next week the second step to your “Face Facts Basics”. You have to establish a foundation before you can build a house.

Be blessed,