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Take That Mask Off! Exfoliation is a Must For The Function Of The Skin

May 9, 2013 | Uncategorized

Take That Masque Off Enzyme MaskI know we don’t remember when we were born but we have all seen a baby’s skin. We’ve heard smooth as a baby’s butt! Where did that smooth, soft, unmarked skin go? Again, it is a complex answer. The short answer is life happened!

The first part of the answer to understand is that we are all cells and we have cell turn over every 27-30 days. As a baby it was much more rapid. If we do not “remove” these dead skin cells they just build up and build up. Creating over time dull lifeless skin.

The skin is made up of many layers. The top layer is the Epidermis. Coming from the Greek word Epi, meaning over or upon. The top layer or protective layer of the Epidermis is the Stratum Cornea. Microscopically it looks like brick and mortar. The “wall” thickens over time from lack of exfoliation (removing the dead skin cells). Because of this many things happen! Clogged pores (breakouts, white heads and blackheads), fine lines then deep set lines, hyper pigmentation (age spots) and dull, dry skin.

What can we do to help reduce ,change or improve what has happened or avoid them all together?

The first step as I said in a previous blog is simply cleansing the skin daily AM/PM.

The second step is to exfoliate!! Exfoliate means to mechanically or chemically loosen the bond of these dead skin cells that have built up on the stratum cornea.

Mechanical exfoliation means to use ingredients like jojoba beads -microdremabrasion crystals. You can feel mechanical ingredients. These mechanical ingredients “buff and polish” the stratum cornea. Chemical exfoliation ingredients are fruit acids and enzymes. They “dissolve” the dead skin cells that have built up on the stratum cornea.

If you start to exfoliate daily with both a mechanical and chemical exfoliating product you will “very” soon see a difference to the tone,texture and vibrancy to the skin. It will begin to work on the things that happened over the years that I mentioned above. From clogged and enlarged pores to hyper-pigmentation etc.

It is like brushing and flossing the teeth!! It will begin to take that mask off. Maybe not return to baby’s skin but a more radiant YOU.

Till next time.

Be blessed,