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POP UP SHOP: SPA DAY AT HOME – with Gigi Spencer

Apr 3, 2020 | Uncategorized

It was a delight to join with Aginah Spencer, aka Gigi, yesterday to do the #POPUPSHOP, bringing the Novita Spa and Medical Rejuvenation Clinic to you!!


We miss you and want to continue to bring Joy, Peace and Results to you…and your special people with you!

Again, we had technical difficulties. See my phone on the table? We couldn’t get Gigi on a split screen but we could talk and share with you together.

We went through the What and Why of all the Novita Spa Clinical products that are used in the Novita Clinical and Medical Spa Treatments and for your home care!!????

I demonstrated on ME!!


Be You Tiful!

Be blessed,
Megan and Gigi