Megan's Travel Skin Care Survival Tool Kit“The Square In Orvieto Italy…Last Friday”

I returned Sunday from a two week adventure in Italy with my sister and best friend, Mary, and her wonderful, patient and adorable husband, Roger. I cannot tell you how special this trip was for me, and hopefully them!

The last time we met in September, I had just returned from my “Toes In The Sand” visit with the Ya Ya’s at The Sea View Inn!

All of this vacation and time “OFF” was a decision I made at the end of last year, as I was approaching my 65th “B” Day, this year in 2015.

I spoke about “Age Management” in our last visit. The mind-body connection is not just fluff. It is real. If we do not take care of ourselves, no one else will! There is nothing more aging than stress and it creates disease in and to the body.

So off to Italy we went! La Dolce Vita!

The greatest non-stress environment you can be in, is where you are sharing beauty of the land, history and great food and wine with those you love, laugh with and enjoy!

As many of you know my father’s parents were immigrants from Italy. So, Mary and I have a strong connection with Italy. We have both been blessed to have visited Italy before several times. Roger also had been in Italy years ago, too.

No matter how much R&R you are having, travel is dehydrating to the skin. So, I will share with you some of my travel secrets (aka Megan’s Travel Skin Care Survival Tool Kit)!

First, H2O is essential all day and every day. No matter where you are and what you are doing. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Second, Novita Spa’s Air Supply; Vitamin C-Oxygen Booster, The Ultimate Hydrating Serum with Hyaluronic Acid (the most hydrating ingredient on the planet). Hyaluronic Acid holds a 1,000 times it weight in water, and Air Supply is also full of Anti-Oxidants (Vitamin C and other anti-oxidants) and Peptide Amino Acids, that protect and strengthen the skin.

Third, Ahh! Exhilaration; Hydrating Aroma Sense Spray. Energizes, Hydrates, Smoothes and Protects the Skin. Use to set your Mineral Make-Up ( Novita’s Minerals are Full Spectrum SPF Protection 26 and 30). Use Ahh! Exhilaration all day and especially during flight travel for extra hydration.

Lastly, The Novita Spa Mineral Cosmetics Vitamin E-Aloe Lip Treatment Stick…I can’t ever leave home without it! Also, the Novita Mineral Cosmetic Lip Gloss with Shea Butter and Anti Oxidants..”Kiss Me”! It is the perfect nude with the Vitamin E Treatment Stick! Never too much!

I say Saluti and Amare to my staff that enabled me to have this adventure in Italy!

Grazie, Thank You… to Life’s Adventures!

Be blessed,


Megan and her Ya Ya's
There is no greater lift to the soul and the heart then to be with “Old” Girlfriends. As the saying goes, “Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver but the other is gold!!”

Several weeks ago I had the blessing to spend two and half days of pure bliss, reminiscing, having crazy fun, shopping, eating, drinking a lot of wine, and taking walks on the beach with my Ya Ya’s. We all became friends 40 years ago when we were 20-somethings in Ridgefield, Connecticut. We were all young wives and mothers just beginning our adult lives. The history is too long to mention here, but needless to say we have shared much joy and sorrow together.

The heart is a funny thing. We were transported to 40 years ago sitting at the pool together at Lakeside, watching our children swim (not using sun protection at all)! The tanner the better. Not knowing then what damage we were causing.

Megan and her Ya Ya's

I have shared a few photos of all of us here, on the beach at The Sea View Inn on Pawleys Island, South Carolina! You will recognize me with the “Flying Nun” hat on and all covered up. I am serious “now” as you know, about sun protection!

Megan and her Ya Ya'sNovita Spa’s Mineral Cosmetics, which are SPF 26 and 30, are water resistant and chock full of result-oriented skin care ingredients. They are a great tool in your “Age Management” arsenal!

But, the Greatest Age Management application is Love!

To you My Ya Ya’s! Thank you!  Cheers To Age Management…and to “Old Friends”!

Be Blessed,