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Happy Mother’s Day to All! A Celebration of New Life.

May 13, 2013 | Uncategorized

May is a very special month to me. As a child going to Catholic school, May was the month honoring Mary the mother of Jesus, the Blessed Mother! There were many May Day celebrations, and I have always been one for festivities and new life. Put on a new dress and flowers in my hair and I am there!!

It is the month my first child was born. It was almost 43 years ago, but in so many ways it seems like yesterday.

Every May I have this sense of newness. It may be the fact that it is the beginning of Spring and Summer is on the horizon with Memorial Day. To me it is better then New Year’s Eve.

I love summer. I grew up in Long Island near the beach. I spent many days, from the time I was a small child through high school, at the beach.

May is also Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Not only did I spend time at the beach, but I am from the era of baby oil and reflectors. The tanner the better was the motto!

As a working aesthetician, I see many people who have also spent too much time in the sun. They are not happy with the hyper pigmentation (age spots) they see in the mirror let alone the wrinkles. Skin cancer is serious and not fun.

The greatest gift you could give yourself today, and every day, is to use a physical sunscreen. It will not only help prevent skin cancer, but it is one of the most important age management ingredients you can use!

Till next time.

Be blessed,